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  • Tina Samples

I Am Safe

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

A word for the fearful

The bird leaps from limb to limb without a care or worry. I sit, watch, and listen to the words of the song Come Thou Fount and realize the fount is here, ever present, ever near. He tunes my heart to listen for Him. The fount floods my soul and falls over me like a cool waterfall. “He is my life, my strength, my song,” the next song says.

Tears fall with the beat of music and I am drenched in His presence. I am overcome with #emotion. I seek Him and see him coming on wings of the morning, driving out all the enemy has planted - driving out fear and anxiety. God is my stronghold and shield. He comes like lightening, swinging his mighty sword at the enemy’s schemes and plans. God is vengeance and comes to deliver. The angels swarm around him, the heavens rejoice, the earth shakes at His sight. “Yes Lord Yes!” They cry out. “Yes Lord!”

He is filled with light, #peace, and strength. He has no worries. His face is secure, calm and relaxed. He comes without worry, He comes for me. He comes without fear sending a blow to the one who tries to hurt me. His blow sends the enemy down to the place of hell and he is thrown into the fire.

He rides His white horse and its mane flows strong against the wind. The horse snorts and huffs at his great adventure. He rages into battle lacking and fearing nothing. The Lord is beautiful in strength. He circles around me. The angels follow behind. He is strong. He controls the universe and everything bows as He passes by. All creation cheers at His quest – His journey to come to me.

He swings his club and light is thrown through the sky. It travels between me and the darkness. The whole earth is full of His glory. Truly He is my #protector. He is my #rescuer and my #deliverer. I am safe. I am safe.

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