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An Unexpected Slap in the Face

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Learning to Laugh at the Little Things

“A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked."
-------- Bernard Meltzer

Egg on My Face

While finishing up some last-minute touches on a blog post, I heard a loud sound blast through the house. My husband and I were upstairs when a large “Boom!” shot through the ceiling. “What was that?” I asked rushing from my office. It would not have surprised me to find Gavin, our dog, into something. I ran down the stairs and my husband followed. Gavin looked suspicious and guilty - as if he had done something wrong. I turned the corner to the kitchen, my eyes still peering at the dog. He took his nose and thrust it toward the stove.

I turned toward the stove and realized I made a huge mistake. I got so wrapped up in my writing that I completely forgot about the pot of eggs on the stove. The eggs had been cooking so long, the water evaporated and caused one to explode! Yes – the explosion sounded like a shotgun going off.

In my effort to fix things, I grabbed the hot pan and tossed it into the sink. And I can’t describe what came next. Those of you who have foolishly done the same are laughing in your boots as I write. I reached for the faucet and at the same time heard my husband say, "Noooo!" I turned the faucet on and allowed the cold water to hit the steaming hot eggs.

You guessed it. One of the eggs immediately exploded sending shrapnel of egg flying through the air. If it had been a gun it would have killed me. The egg busted wide open hitting me square in the face. Egg flew onto the ceiling, walls, and over me.

My heart leaped as I stood dumbfounded. I stood in complete shock. For a certain amount of seconds, I could not move. There I was, covered in egg and tears. My husband looked at me. I thought, Any minute he is going to grab hold of me and help clean me up.

With his caring, loving, and humorous self, he simply looked at me and said, “You have egg on your face.”

At that moment, laughter bust through our distressed situation. I’m still laughing about it. I think there are even remnants of egg in my hair as I write.

According to World Wide Words, the phrase, “egg on your face” “often implies that you have made a serious mistake, but more strictly it indicates that something you have done (or some turn of events) has left you looking embarrassed or foolish.”

I've done so many foolish things in my life: things I have cried over - wanted to bury my head over - or run away from. It's okay my friend. God works through all things. We learn from our mistakes, mishaps, and failures. Allow God to pick you up, clean you off, and help you move forward. And there will be those moments when we just need to laugh it off - - - and perhaps take a shower.

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