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  • Tina Samples

God Never Wastes a Hurt

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

What do we do with those pricking and stabbing wounds? Before we answer that question, perhaps we need to answer one more - what have you done with those pricking and stabbing #wounds?

Here's something to ponder:

  • Have you brushed it under the bed along with the dust and clutter?

  • Do you shift your thinking once the wound is triggered?

  • Do you pretend it never happened?

  • Have you worked through it?

There are so many ways to respond to being wounded. Some of our responses are healthy while others are not. It takes great courage to tackle a difficult wound. I applaud you if you've done the hard work of getting through the hurt to a #healthier place and a healthier YOU.

If you haven't tackled the tough work of getting through it - and that looks different for everyone - then the wound sits in a puddle of its own. Sometimes the wound stays hidden while at other times festers into something larger and more dangerous. I #pray that doesn't happen to you as that path only escalates and magnifies the wound.

Once you've been able to work through the wound, you now have the power to use it in a positive way.

I kept the fact I was abused as a child hidden for many years. Shame attaches itself to little girls who feel the abuse is their fault. However, once I was ready to tackle that huge hurt, I was able to come to terms that the wound came from someone else, I was the #victim, I didn't need to carry the perpetrators shame (nor did I want to). I could #release the hurt.

I now have opportunity to share with other women about my wound and the freedom God helped me find. Some people do bad things in this world - hurt people hurt people. But #God has an amazing way of walking with us through those difficult wounds, mending our hearts, and bringing opportunity to help other people who have been hurt.

When we get to the other side, is when we take the healed wound out of our pockets and use it to care for another person. That's using the wound and not wasting it. That's bringing good to something that the enemy meant for bad. That's God using this wound for His glory. That's God using YOU.

Think about it - you get to choose exactly what you want to happen with the wounds in your #life.

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