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7 Ways Women Are Wounded

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

1. Through Relationships: The two women in Solomon’s court understood tension, betrayal, and grief. One of our greatest quests in life is trying to figure out how to live together, love unconditionally, and become transparent in all things. As women, we often turn away from friends who need us. It’s too messy! I don’t want to get involved! May we come to a place where we open arms, embrace the wounded, and love as Christ loves.

2. Through Abuse: Abigail lived with a mean and surely man who drank too much. Women in today’s world live behind locked doors and sealed lips. Creating safe homes and finding our voice, starts with one step out of the abuse.

3. Through Grief: Ruth grieved the loss of her husband and was given the choice to stay in her hometown or travel with Naomi to her land. How do we embrace grief and yet find the strength to # breathe in life? Ruth had the answer. She turned and followed the God who would care for her hurting soul. We sometimes turn away from God and others while hurting. Ruth embraced Naomi, also grieving, and turned toward her #God rather than away. That is where her strength to go on came from.

4. Through Persecution: So many women experience the impact of persecution from bosses, colleagues, or family members. Hagar understood that kind of wounding. But God told her one thing – He sees. Through Hagar’s revelation of God seeing her, she came to see God. God gives direction in what to do when facing these kinds of issues, but we must come to see Him in order to receive them. He walks with us.

5. Through Circumstances: So many biblical women experienced wounding from circumstances. Infertility is just one named in the Bible. Famine is another that turned wives into widows. The widow of Zarephath understood that pain. Our circumstances often leave us broken and downcast. The question, “Why?” takes over our thoughts. Though God is the only One who understands all things, can we come to Him with our aches and troubles knowing He #comforts and refreshes our souls? His desire is not to harm us, but to strengthen and give hope so we may live every day to its fullest.

6. Through Let Down: Have you ever been disappointed in God? Who hasn’t? Why did God let this person die, why didn’t God answer my prayer, why does God let this happen? So many questions. Mary and Martha understood the pain of #Jesus letting them down. When they called for Jesus to come heal their brother Lazarus, He didn’t show up. Lazarus eventually died. The reason Jesus chose not to come had nothing to do with his lack of care for this family, in fact, Jesus cared for them so much that He waited so that a greater purpose might be revealed. The wait in your life doesn’t mean God doesn’t care, it means the result will be far greater than we ever imagined. And yes, even when the result isn’t what we want.

7. Through Letting Go: Life is filled with letting go. Every day of our lives we must release something. The desire to sin in this area, turn away from that unhealthy food, tell our college-bound kids good-bye, addiction, a hurtful word, a stab in the back, a family member taking their last breath, a move to a new state, loss of job, and so much more. Jochebed understood the emotion of having to release her son - #Moses. She released him into the hands of a king who wanted to kill him. It takes great courage to release anything in our lives, but more courage to trust God is going to take care of it - - and us.

If you’ve been wounded in any of these ways I encourage you to:

  • Draw near to God. Don’t run away from the One who can help you.

  • Read God’s Word. God’s Word is our strength, hope, and guidance. Having a manual to strengthen the soul and never using it doesn’t make sense.

  • Pray. Talk to God about your wounds. He understands more than you know.

  • Find a Good Support Group. A trusted friend, support group, Bible study class, and so on gives us the stability and care we need to make it through another day. Even Moses needed friends to hold his arms up in battle. We need the same.

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