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  • Tina Samples

Friend to the Hurting

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Are you a good friend?

Finds you

Reaches out

Identifies the hurt

Embraces you and your wounded heart

Nurses you back to God and those who can help

Determines to walk with you through the healing process

A #friend to the hurting finds you. They look for you; understand they haven't seen you in a while. They search you out, inquire about you, call you up and ask, "Hey! I haven't seen you in while. Are you ok?"

A friend to the hurting reaches out to you. They stretch out their hand, make it visible, obvious, and clear that they want to help. They offer their services, help, and prayer.

A friend to the hurting identifies the hurt. They recognize the wound, say it out loud, and speak its truth. They reveal the strength of it, “Wow, I can see that you’re really hurting. That was painful and must have hurt so much.”

A friend to the hurting #embraces. Physically and with words a friend envelops the hurting friend and pulls her near. Empathizing with the pain, she cries with the hurting friend; feels her pain. “I am here for you. I’m so sorry, I wish I could take this from you.”

A friend to the hurting nurses her back to God. She eases her toward the One who #heals all wounds. If needed, encourages her to seek professional help. She cares, nourishes, and promotes healthy movement from her despair.

A friend to the #hurting determines to walk with her. She does not leave her alone to fend for herself. She readies herself for the walk, listens as she expresses her hurt, takes her to counseling, attends recovery programs with her, prays, and reads the #Bible with her. She sets her eyes on Christ and steps into becoming a friend worthy to be called friend.

May we become friends to those hurting.

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