Messed Up Men of the Bible: Seeing the Men in Your Through God's Eyes

By Tina Samples and Dave Samples


From schlubby sitcom heroes to mommy blogs to online articles, there is a broad cultural perception that men constantly mess up and women must fight an uphill battle to fix them. Men are a burden, constant works-in-progress, pushed toward perfection but always falling short. This book asks a revolutionary question: What if these messed-up men are actually a mighty tool for God? 

Tina and Dave Samples remind us that the Bible is filled with a cast of messed-up men: men who struggled and fell, and yet were used by God to accomplish His purposes. In fact, God has consistently chosen imperfect “clay pots” in which to place His light. 

David was a poor father. Peter had problems with integrity. Moses had anger issues, Gideon struggled with fear, and Elijah suffered from depression--the list goes on. Messed Up Men of the Bible offers encounters with these ancient men who faced the same emotions and questions that contemporary men face, in order to reveal fresh spiritual insights and hope for modern relationships. Through personal stories, practical advice, and useful exercises, Tina and Dave provide encouragement and hope for women dealing with the messed up men in their own lives.

Wounded Women of the Bible: Finding Hope When Life Hurts

By Tina Samples and Dena Dyer


Imploding relationships, incapacitating losses, injurious personal mistakes, or spiritual failures--whatever the issue, the wounds are the same. 

Whether it's a lapse in judgment by Bathsheba or the moral failure of the women's ministry leader in your local church; the spiritual insensitivity of Martha or the compulsive obsessions of your church's care circle chairwoman; the terror of an abandoned single mother like Hagar or the struggling single mother in your prayer group--the time and circumstances are different, but the wounds are equally deep and spiritually devastating. 

Tina and Dena get it. They have their own stories of pain before healing--along with similar experiences of their families and friends. Offering more than pat affirmations or vicarious shoulders to cry on, Dena and Tina delve deep into the shared emotions and injuries that women of all ages have in common--and move readers toward the recovery and healing that only God can provide. 

No matter what hurts you've experienced, Wounded Women of the Bible proves that God understands and that healing is not only His intention but His delight! 

This is a book not to be missed!

Divine Makeover - It's In The Bag!

Women's Retreat or One Day Conference


This light hearted study will open the eyes of women. What tools do we use on a daily basis? How can we take those tools and remind ourselves of what we need to makeover on the inside? Breakout sessions provide honest and transparent moments for women to get real. Besides fun and laughter, the women will come away looking at themselves in a different light. 

The Wait

For Any Season or Time


What happens when we need to wait on God? Sometimes it's more difficult to sit in "The Wait" than it is any other time in our life. What happens when we feel God doesn't show up? I share Mary and Martha's story of waiting on Jesus to come and heal their brother. The Wait didn't mean Jesus didn't care, it meant the outcome was going to be much greater than anything anyone could imagine . . .it meant bringing someone back to life. 

I will share about the wait, what to do during the wait, and why it's so important to sit in the stillness and know that God is there. 

The Journey: Finding God in the Details

For Any Season or Time


We're always trying to figure out how to hear from God. I share seven ways God spoke to the Israelites. I share how God uses the same way to speak to us in today's world. The women will come away hearing amazing stories of God speaking. They will come away looking at their journey in a fresh new way. I promise this journey is life changing! After doing the study, I love hearing from others about their "Journey Moments." God is ready to open our eyes to see and our ears to hear His incredible voice. 

Beyond the Rain

For Any Season or Time


My life was filled with what I call "rainy days." Hear true stories of how I lived with a fugitive father who ran from the law and took his family with him. My life wasn't easy as I spent time living in tents, sleeping on the floorboard of cars, and hiding out in abandoned homes. How did I come to know God and one day live to serve him as a pastor's wife? God truly can move us out of our rain drenced life into a life filled with glorious rays. Through my personal testimony, I will bring hope to a despaired life. With God all things are possible. 

Crooked, Craggy, and Crosseyed: Putting the Balance Back into Life

For Any Season or Time


There are four areas of our life that need attention. If any one of the areas are out of balance, we're out of balance. Tina uses examples of biblical women to share how to get back into balance and on healthy paths. 

Take it Off! Shedding the Unwanted

For Any Season or Time


Women carry unwanted baggage. Open your eyes to see that change can happen - from weight loss to burdens - from addictions to everyday struggles. Hear Jesus' command to “take it off.” Learn how women can come alongside each other to help other women shed the unwanted. Come away encouraged and with a drive to make a change.

I Survived

For Any Season or Time


I will share my incredible journey of living through a ten day heart attack that went misdiagnosed by four people - including two ERs, I'll share about  enduring 45 minutes of shocking when my defibrillator malfunctioned and eventually surviving a heart transplant at age 52. This tear jerking testimony will reveal God's amazing healing power and how He truly is in charge of our lives. I'll also give practical tips to help women fight this battle or any other - spiritually and physically.  

Your Choice -Your Theme

For Any Season or Time


Please don't hesitate to ask me about doing other topics and themes. I'm very adaptable and can work on any subject regarding the Bible.