Why Not Today?

Our lack of finding freedom is often connected to someone. Whether from being hurt, disappointed, lack of caring, expectations, or wounding - we are attached to the person who hurt us and we are forevermore changed.

My friend, I've been there. When hurt happens, I try and distance myself from the person who wounded me but the wound keeps us attached. Over time I feel the wound easing. However, my relationship toward them has changed and if I'm honest, deep within my heart there's still that little sting.

I realized after long suffering, that my true freedom comes when I release my wound to God. Holding onto it only hurts me. So I say to you today - FIND THAT FREEDOM! Let it go. I promise, God is big enough to handle your pain. He will give you the strength to rise up in His Name and proclaim, "I am free!" Why not today?

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