Surviving Nine Days

I never thought that one day my physical heart would need healing. Forgive me for not blogging

lately but it has been some kind of year. Last August I had a massive heart attack that went misdiagnosed for nine days. You can read the entire story in Book Fun Magazine. I promise - you're not going to believe what happened.

Heart disease runs in my family and I knew one day I would need to get a heart screening. Well it came a little too late for me as one Sunday morning I awoke with chest pains, shortness of breath, and spasms. My husband drove me to the nearest hospital who told me I wasn't having a heart attack but a GI issue. We believed the doctors. By the time the doctor that did find my heart attack, I was near death and the damage to my heart was irreversible. This heart attack eventually led me to a heart transplant. I am now eight weeks survived from my transplant and have more healing to go. God is good and watches over me every day. I need to make it through one day at a time.

I learned so much since that day.

1. Become an advocate for yourself. no one knows how you feel but you.

2. Don't take the first person's word for it - though in this case I had four people tell me the same thing - always get a second opinion.

3. More young women die of misdiagnosed heart attacks than men. The medical field tends to put a label on young women who come in with chest pains. is a great place to get more info on women and heart disease, as well as read true stories about other women.

4. Go to the larger hospital. Larger hospitals have better equipment, technology, and often tend to be a little more careful than perhaps a county hospital.

Ladies, my passion is that neither of you would have to go through what so many other women have gone through. Some lived to tell about it while others did not. The doctor who saved my life calls me a miracle.

I pray nothing like this happens to you. Praying for you always that God not only heals your emotionally wounded heart but also any issues going on with your physical heart.


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