5 Tips for Writing to Women

#5 - Create a Focal Point

Creating a focal point helps you to keep focus on the woman and allows you to say what you want to say.

Picture a daughter, mother, sister, friend and write to her. Place a picture of that person on your computer and write to her.

If you’re writing non-fiction, perhaps find a photo of the woman that generates the look you want from that era or period of time.

Sometimes sitting across from someone helps us find the words we need and want to say. If you allow yourself to be transparent and open in your writing, you will be able to drizzle emotion throughout and your readers will hear your heart.

Believe me, women are not dumb – they get it when the writing seems disconnected and colored with words that don’t have substance or purpose.

So here’s the question? What would you say to your mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, or friend? And for men – your wife? Use that deep emotion to pull out your words.

So get started - You can do this!

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