Deep Scars

I have scars. I have a scar above my eye-brow and was told I fell in the bath tub when I was a small child. I have a scar on my hand where I cut it while washing a glass. But I also have deep inner scars that through much work have been healed.

I recently came across a story of one young man’s scars. These are scars he will have for the rest of his life. When he looks at these scars, they will bring memories of trauma and fear. In the midst of the tragedy, the boy’s mother also produced scars. These scars he will remember for the rest of his life, but in a different way. The scars that came from his mother are scars of love.

If Jesus had lived through his beatings and suffering, he would have scars that revealed his trauma. He bore the suffering for us; stepped into suffering in our place. His scarring shows what he did for us – because he loved us.

What scars are you holding on to? Yes – you may have outward scars, but what about those deep emotional scars you keep hidden and bandaged? Are you ready to unravel the dirty covering and allow healingl? Perhaps today is that day.

Below are a three steps you can take to move toward healing.

  • Tell someone – if you haven’t shared your wound – share it with your pastor, friend, and relative. Get it out into the light. Hasn’t the wound been hiding long enough?

  • Seek Help – There are so many places you can go to get help for your wounds. (Pastor, counselor, recovery program, support group, mentor from church)

  • Get into the Word – read your Bible. You’ll be surprised at just by doing that, God speaks to you in an amazing way. His Word will give you hope and healing.

My friend, God wants to heal your hurting heart. You do matter. He loves you. Nothing is too difficult for Him.

Perhaps this story will bring you insight into a love beyond our understanding.

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