Freedom Friday: He is the Miracle

I'm sharing a video testimony which my church included in a "Testify" concert earlier the year. It details my own experience with God as provider.

Because we're human, we often want immediate resolution to our issues. We long for God to press the "fix-it" button and send money enough for the next year's bills, or all our debts. We want physical or emotional healing but don't want to work for it (talking to myself here!). We just want OUT and we want a miracle.

At times, our faithful and compassionate Heavenly Father cried "Enough!" and answers our desperate pleas for deliverance. He's good like that, y'all. (yes, I'm from Texas!)

At other times, though, He doles out daily deliverance, as He did with the widow in this week's passage. She had just enough, every day. My husband and I have experienced this in our finances. We always have enough, but sometimes His provision cuts it too close for comfort (in our minds). Why does God do this, when He could snap His celestial fingers and fix our problems in a second? He's powerful enough, after all.

It's because He knows our nature. If He answered all our prayers and we never had a need--physical, emotional, spiritual, financial--we would get complacent. (Think about the Israelites--God parted the Red Sea and freed them from slavery, and STILL they rebelled. Still, they doubted and complained. That's why He gave them manna which became rotten if they tried to store it overnight. He wanted them to trust Him for their every breath.)

At ALL times, friends, HE is our miracle. Jesus is the living water and the bread of life. He sustains, strengthens and supplies...second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day.

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