Chapter Eight: Wounded Relationships

In Chapter Eight, we're looking at a few biblical relationships between husbands and wives. Whether or not you're currently married, you can find much truth by studying the stories of Adam and Eve, Ahab and Jezebel, Hosea and Gomer, and David and Bathsheba.

As you read, ask yourself:

  • Have I blamed someone else for something I should have taken (at least part of the) blame for?

  • Have I let anyone or anything pull me away from God and toward the world?

  • Have I let past mistakes keep me from serving God and obeying His call?

  • Have I been unfaithful--physically, emotionally, or spiritually--to God, my family, and/or my spouse?

Friends, our relatioships with other people are a crucible of sorts. God uses both our shortcomings and the faults and quirks of others to nudge us toward His perfection. He is the only One who won't let us down, and He can help us accept both our own limitations as well as those of our loved ones.

With His help, we CAN have long-term, healthy relationships. The Word can change us when we allow the Holy Spirit to convict us. If we've sinned against God or others, and we are truly repentant, Jesus' blood covers us and we are righteous in God's sight.

Ask the Lord: where and how do You want to work in my friendships? In my marriage? In my life? Let Him shine the light of grace and mercy on your spirit and drive out the darkness. Don't allow Satan to throw darts of shame, fear or regret keep you from the places, people and opportunities God has for you.

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