He Is . . .

In the midst of our struggles, suffering, and trials, we come to see Jesus as who we want to see. Like Mary and Martha we understand Him to be "this" or "that" but God wants to reveal so much more. He wants us to see that when we are thirsty, He is water; when we are hungry, He is bread; when we are dying, though he may not raise us back from the dead, HE IS LIFE. And He meets all our needs; peace, comfort, healing, eye-opening moments, restoration, and so much more.

Trust in the wait and work in the moment. The work may be to practice rest, peace, faith, belief, trust, healing, love, kindness, gentle spirit, changing your thoughts to positive rather than negative, and understanding God's ways are not our ways.

In the end, we may not always get what we want, but the most important part will be revealed - - - God's glory.

Don't Forget to:

Talk It Out: Use the back of the book to talk it out with friends or family.

Write It Out: God deeper. Use the back of the book to journal and go deeper

Share It Out: Post it! Share this photo on your social media. You never know who one glance can encourage anotehr human being.

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