Hagar: Chapter Five

From Persecuted to Pursued

I love the story of Hagar. Let's visualize a young beautiful girl living in the king’s palace. Her life changed in one second because she was given to Abraham and Sarah to be their maidservant.

What did that moment look like? Hagar traveled with people she didn’t know, served a woman she had no connection with, and ended up carrying a child for the head of the Israelite tribes.

And at some point on her journey, she was “mistreated.” We may not know why or how, but the word “mistreated” hits hard as many of us have been there. That wound is a wound women understand and many have trouble working through.

Tell me your story:

How many of you worked for another woman who mistreated you?

I’ve cried and held hands with women who experienced terrible bosses! They found themselves in dire situations and had no idea what to do. What advice would you offer these hurting women?

Look closely into Hagar’s story. What did God tell her to do?

Wednesday I'll send a pic to tweet or share of one of my favorite quotes from this chapter. I can tell you that Dena had some wonderful things to share in her section, as well as the women who told their personal stories.

On Freedon Friday I'll share why I loved this chapter and why it gave me so much hope.

Don't Forget To:

  • Talk It Out - If you're doing the study with a friend, use the "Talk It Out" section in the back of the book. This section will get you chatting (not that women need much help in that area).

  • Write It Out - If you're looking to go deeper, use the "Write It Out" section in the back of the book. This is good for those who like to journal and desire to study more scripture. This section will help those having a difficult time getting through a wound. YOU CAN DO IT - WRITE IT OUT.

  • Send It Out - Share your story with us of how God brought you through that difficult wound. Share pics and encouraging words about the study on your own social media!

Thank you ladies! Dive in and we'll see you later on this week!

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