The Light

In chapter three I share my experience with visiting a cave. I confess, I didn't like the darkness. Complete darkness in a cave is suffocating. I realized that day I held something very important. I held a flashlight. Our guide told us when to turn our lights back on. Perhaps that’s one reason I didn’t like it. I felt out of control. The truth is, I had the power to bring the light back into my life.

We have the control to do something about our darkness. We have the power to turn our lights on. Get the healing we need and move forward into freedom.

The Bible teaches that in Christ there is no darkness. Psalm 139 tells us that the darkness shines as bright as day to God. When we see darkness, God sees light. He is light. In Him there is no darkness. His light is shining very bright around us.

What wounds have kept you in the dark? The kind of wound we see in chapter three can certainly keep us in the dark. Perhaps it’s time to get that much needed healing your heart desires.

Step into the light my friend. Plunge through the darkness and bust into light!

Let Me Encourage you to:

  • Share It! Don't forget to share our pics in your own social circle. You never know what will touch a heart!

  • Sign up! for Tuesday Night Facebook chat. The discussions have been awesome!

  • Stay the Course! Though some chapters may be difficult to get through and perhaps wounds are being unraveled, this is good. God works in all things and wants to heal what has been broken.

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