Chapter One: Two Women in Solomon's Court

From Friend to Foe

When we have been betrayed by someone we have trusted, it hurts. The hurt runs deeply through our veins and attaches itself like a tight-fitting glove. It’s not easily removed. The pain is ever present and strong.

Have you ever been betrayed by another woman? How did you handle it?

Who knows what happened to the relationship between the two (biblical) women? Some might say that the wound was too deep to mend. Others may say that a true friend would offer forgiveness.

What do you think?

Sometimes friends hurt us. What we do with the hurt matters. Psalm 147:3 says “God heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds.” That binding is like a tightly-wrapped turban.

Think of a broken arm and having a cast placed on it so the arm can heal. God promises to do that for us, but here’s the secret to freedom: we must be willing to hand our wounds over to Him.

If you have a broken arm, would you trust the doctor to cast it for you? Of course you would! We would beg him, “Please…do something!”

That should be our approach to God with our broken hearts. Let’s stand on His promises and turn our wounds over to Him.

Recap of the Week:

Monday: Dive into chapter One.

Tuesday: Facebook Chat with Dena. (A note from Dena: Due to unforeseen circumstances, and to give you more time to read the first chapter before we meet online for the first time, the first Facebook chat about "Wounded Women of the Bible" has been postponed until June 10th. If you haven't signed up for the study group, please do so here:

Thanks so much, and have a fabulous week!)

Wednesday: Midweek pick me up. Check the study blog for a quote from the book. Feel free to share on your social media (Facebook, Pinterest, google, and blogs).

Friday: Summing it up and bringing reflection for the weekend.

Last But Not Least:

  • Talk It Out - If you're doing the study with a friend, use the "Talk It Out" section in the back of the book. This section will get you chatting (not that women need much help in that area).

  • Write It Out - If you're looking to go deeper, use the "Write It Out" section in the back of the book. This is good for those who like to journal and desire to study more scripture. This section will help those having a difficult time getting through a wound. YOU CAN DO IT - WRITE IT OUT.

  • Send It Out - Do you have a story of a friendship lost or renewed? Share your story with us and others of how God brought you through that difficuot wound.

Thank you ladies! Dive in and we'll see you later on this week!

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