Who is Teaching Your Study?

Hi Ladies!

I thought I should introduce myself. However, if you've spent time looking around my site you may have already found out a few things about me.

  • I'm a mom of two amazing sons (all grown up now "sniff sniff").

  • I'm a pastor's wife--which, I confess, overwhelms me at times. But my husband is a gifted teacher.

  • I'm a worship leader for church events and services.

  • I live with all males--including Gavin, our 80 pound dog, who likes to sleep on my feet at night (not fun).

  • I often have my quiet time in the tub. That way, if I cry, my tears mix with the bubbles and I figure they turn into something special.

  • I'm a native Texan--although I've lost some of my accent now that I live in Colorado.

  • I love photography and you'll get to see some of the photos I've taken in beautiful Colorado.

  • I'm just like any otehr woman. I've been broken, wounded, and hurt. However, I've also found freedom, hope, and healing.

  • I'm thankful--for my family and you.

I'm looking forward to our time together,


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