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Journey Without Fear

Updated: Jan 25

Fear: paralyzes, freezes, causes anxiety, stress, and an abundance of other issues. How many of us are on a journey filled with fear? Whatever the issue, whatever the cause, it is one of the most terrifying places to be and to travel.

Jacob was an old man when he left his home and journeyed to Egypt so that he could see his son Joseph. Imagine uprooting from the home you have lived in for so long.

One night God spoke to Jacob in a vision. "Jacob! Jacob!" he called."

"Here I am," Jacob replied."

"I am God," the voice said, "the God of your father. Do not be afraid to go down to Egypt, for I will see to it that you become a great nation there. I will go with you down to Egypt, and I will bring your descendants back again."

(Gen 46:1-4)

God looks at the heart and though Jacob may not have expressed his fear, God saw that he had feared. He had to reassure Jacob that all things would be well and that he would not be alone. He reassured him that his descendants would be taken care of and that he would bring them back to their land. What a relief that must have been for Jacob.

We worry about so much. Our worries can cause fear - whether we will be okay - whether to stay or go - what job to take - will our children be taken care of - and so much more. However, coming to a place where we know God will take care of and watch over us will alleviate fear. I know - wouldn't it be nice to hear that thundering voice as Jacob heard? Then we could be sure. God promises to take care of us just as he did for Jacob. Wherever God leads, we can journey without fear.

This new year - with your new journey - begin to trust - begin to believe that God is with you. In doing so, you will find your journey becoming much more satisfying.

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Barbara Kinsey
Barbara Kinsey
14 de ago. de 2023

Awesome! Is this your first post like this? This isn’t my most used email address; I just happened to be here today! Ha ha!! (But God…!!!) I love you!!!

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