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  • Tina Samples

Deadlier Than I Thought

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

How often have you stepped in it? Stuffed your foot right in that mouth. Yep! Just made a big mess of things by letting your tongue run loose? Believe me, I’ve done it myself; allowed my emotions to bubble over, take hold of my tongue, and let it go.

I came across a scripture the other day that opened my eyes to a knew thought. It said, “There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing” (Prov. 12:18 ESV)

David and I sometimes watch Dateline. The realization of family members killing family members is unsettling. Why do wives kill husbands and husbands kill wives? Parents kill children and children kill parents? It is hard to understand—and so often the killings are for money.

One night after watching one of those shows, I had a dream that my sister spoke French and this person did that, and she did this, and I was right in the middle of it. I woke up laughing because clearly it was a dream due to the story I had watched that night. (Note to self: no more murder mysteries before bed.)

I ponder the verse above. I imagine myself using harsh words toward someone and thinking about that imagine of thrusting a sword into the person. Ouch! What a dreadful thing to imagine. I quickly shake that thought away. I’m not a killer!

But if we look upon this scripture as it reads then perhaps we are killers—or at the very least, someone who instills massive wounds to our opponent.

To speak rashly is to speak inconsiderately, thoughtlessly, angrily, and unadvisedly. And to speak that way is like thrusting a sword into the one you are speaking to. I cringe at the thought of how many times I stuck a sword into someone. There I am - this harsh word - JAB! That harsh word- JAB! The brutality and violence of it all is heart wrenching.

I know we don’t always use wise judgment when speaking to or about others. I’ve been there. But when we get it right, the tongue of the wise brings healing. It is my desire to not harm others with my words but to encourage, lift, and bring a sense of hope.

Well how do we get there? The Bible teaches that our wisdom comes from God. In Him and through Him we can do amazing things. God is our life changer.

  • Have a habit of calling that person a name? Ask God to help stifle your words and look upon that person as a daughter or son of Christ. What you say about His child matters.

  • Got in the gossip crowd and can’t get out? Ask God to help you redirect that conversation or simply excuse yourself.

  • Mad at your ex and can’t stop ranting about Him or Her? Ask God to change your words and the way you see him/her. Ask God to remind you that he or she is the parent of your child (if it applies), that you don’t want to allow that bitterness to eat away at your happiness. Ask God to heal and bring forgiveness and peace to your life.

  • Stabbing someone in the back or throwing them under the bus? Ask God to reveal your behavior. Come to a place of repentance knowing you don’t want to be that kind of person, but rather someone the Lord could be proud of; someone who is wise with their words. Someone who longs to heal rather than hurt.

What about it #friends? Can we move toward #wisdom when we speak, knowing the words of the wise brings healing? MAY IT BE SO #LORD! May IT BE SO!

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