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  • Tina Samples

Shout Louder

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

What keeps you from the #Lord? What keeps you from worshiping the way you want, from calling out to God how you’d like, or from entering His presence when you feel like it? Things and people often inhibit us. What place of destitute must we be in before our voices call out to #God?

I admire the two blind men who sat by the roadside. Were they there begging for food and money? Or did they enjoy listening to the bustle of every day activity?

Though I imagine their routine staying much the same, one particular day offered something more. On this day, keen ears caught the sound of chattering and excitement in the distance. Soon someone said, “It’s Jesus! Jesus is coming!”

The sounds grew louder. The men straightened in anticipation. And though they couldn’t see him they began shouting, “Lord, son of David, have mercy on us!”

The crowd grew irritated and shouted back, “Be quiet!” But this cruel act only impelled the men to shout louder. And so, they did. “Lord! Son of David, have mercy on us.”

Amid the noise from the crowd Jesus heard their voices and asked, “What do you want me to do for you?” Though Jesus more than likely knew of their request, he allowed them to speak it, admit it, and own it.

“Lord,” they said, “we want to see!”

Jesus stood before the men. Moved with compassion, he touched their eyes and immediately they could see. Without delay the men joined the crowd and followed Jesus.

My friends, we can learn a lot from these men.

  • Who or what is keeping you from the Lord?

  • Do you have a spirit of intimidation? Of constraint?

  • What or who is asking you to be quiet?

  • Can you get to a place where you desire the Lord so much that you ignore the obstacles and shout louder?

  • Are you able to finally speak what you want to the Lord; to say it aloud, to admit it, and own it?

Whatever it is, whether a request or confession, God is not surprised. He is not put off by it. He will not loathe you, embarrass you, or deny His love for you. He will extend #compassion. So, shout my friend. Shout for Jesus. If He does not answer right away, then shout louder. Shout louder. You will find the end result of His presence far more rewarding then keeping to yourself.

Remember that silence does not mean that God isn't working in your life. In the silence is often where God speaks the loudest.

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