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  • Tina Samples

Overcoming Those Who Fail Us

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

It is true - we cannot put our trust in people. Imperfect people do imperfect things. Those we love and are closest to fail us at some point in our lives. Perhaps the fail is not their issue alone. Perhaps we can own some of that responsibility. After all, we tend to place great expectations upon people. We sometimes put them on pedestals and shout, "Perform! And don't mess up."

We might think, "This is your job! Do it well."

However the fall happens, it still hurts.

A Few Tips to Help the Hurting Heart

1. Work through the pain with the One (our Lord and Savior) who has the strength to handle anything.

2. The Bible teaches us to go to the one who has offended us or hurt us and let them know. Speak the truth in love and with gentleness.

3. Don't hide. Don't allow this hurt to keep you away from God, your daily devotion, prayer time, or church. That's just what the enemy wants.

4. Know that love still lingers in the air between the two of you. Sometimes the hurt clouds that love. Clear the air and you'll often clear the hurt.

5. Know that God is the only ONE we can fully trust. If He says GO then GO. Take care of the issue before it gets too out of control, or before it distances your relationship even further.

6. Sometimes a simple hug mends hurting hearts more than spoken words.

7. If you're the one who's hurt someone- work it out. Don't be afraid to go to that person and say, "I feel I've hurt you and I'm so sorry."

Know that we often never forget the hurt, but we can #forgive. When forgiveness bellows louder than the pain, then forgetting takes a back seat. Sadness is restored. #Love gleams. Light beams. God smiles. We smile. Hurt flees.

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