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  • Tina Samples

His and Hers: A Kaleidoscope of Wants

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

I’ve said it before, my husband and I are completely opposite. Yes – we look through very different kaleidoscopes.

In fact, while recently in Washington DC, I stumbled upon a store with a large selection of kaleidoscopes. I was fascinated by the shapes, sizes, and more importantly, the view from within. Amazing!

DC was remarkable, however, my husband and I had very different thoughts and views as to what to see and do while there. I not only wanted to experience the history but visit an old community and walk down cobblestoned streets. The closest I got was walking through a tiny section of cobblestones from one museum to the other.

I wanted to sit in a quaint bakery lined with clay pots and flourishing florals. I wanted to enjoy the scenery and experience a freshly made pastry with a warm cup of coffee (maybe I’m in the wrong city). My husband didn’t want to sit for fear he might miss seeing something.

I wanted to take my time and grab beautiful photos with orange and bronze leaves glistening in the background. He wanted to rush to the concrete buildings and statues.

My heart moved at the sight of a baby Panda cuddling its mother at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo. His heart stirred when he stood where John Adam’s desk sat.

He walked, I wanted to ride. Night and day we trudged from one end of the Smithsonian to the other. I slept in one day (swollen feet and aching soles) while he rose early and was out the door before any building opened. I wanted to take a drive and see the countryside, he wanted to stay in the city. Yes, sometimes those opposites get in the way.

On our last day in DC, we stood in the cool night and waited on a cab. My feet and head hurt while the cold cut through my jacket. I needed a hot bath. I needed to soak my feet - but our hotel room didn’t have a bathtub or hot tub. My body drooped, drained, and despaired. As we waited on the cab, I became more agitated and tired. Noticing my solitude, my husband leaned in and said, “The first step is understanding we’re not in control.”

Several people ahead of us also waited. I wanted to be in control. I wanted to shout, “Where are the stinking cabs!”

And then something happened. A Pedicab came along. At first, I thought, ok- this is interesting. The couple ahead of us declined, but tired and fatigued, we jumped right in. And there it was – a faint fragrance of what every woman longs for – romance.

The beautiful lights from the city took our breath away. Our Pedicab driver gave a mini-tour. The lights glistened on the monuments and beautifully sculptured buildings. And like a kaleidoscope, colors burst in the open air and I saw the city from a very different view. Why hadn’t we done this sooner? I thought.

I draped my jacket over my legs and leaned into my husband. I didn’t mind the cool breeze on my face. The movement relaxed my weary soul. Had we taken a cab, we would have missed this beautiful sight. All I could think about was that God does give us moments of inspiration, beauty, and peace. In our own unique ways, we see those moments. Sometimes we just need to be still and wait. And when we least expect it, a sweet fragrance comes our way and replenishes our soul. A bond is shared. Opposites are connected. Unity forms.

Praying for your sweet fragrant moments. They will come.

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