An Online Bible Study: Wounded Women of the Bible

Finding Hope When Life Hurts

Chapter One

Two Women in Solomon's Court

From Friend to Foe


Chapter Two


From Abused to Adored

Chapter Three


From Vulnerable to Victim

Chapter Four


From Grief to Gratitude


Chapter Seven

Mary and Martha

From Let Down to Lifted Up


Chapter Ten

Ichabod's Mother

From Burdened to Bitter



Love the Broken Ones



Chapter Five


From Persecuted to Pursued

Chapter Six


From Holding On to Letting Go

Chapter Eight

Wounded Relationships

From Passion to Pain


Chapter Eleven

Jephthah's Daughter

From Healthy to Hurt


Chapter Nine

Weary, Wanting Women

From Barren to Blessed


Chapter Twelve

The Widow of Zarephath

From Desolate to Delivered


Hello friends

These videos are to get you started. Dena and I add a few comments each week to help you think through the chapter. Some of our videos were addressed for the start of the lesson while others gave a note of healing for the end of the lesson.


Enjoy and please email me with any thoughts or questions. I want to hear from you and would love your insight!