Living with Men

I'm Losing My Mind

Recognize this phrase? "I'm losing my mind!" Women tend to use this phrase when speaking of their children, work, tasks, and yes, often about the men in their life.

 Men can send us over the edge or at the very least into the next room swearing to never come out. Men have a way of pushing the boil button. You know, that button that causes your blood to rise eventually leaving you busting at the seams with an out pouring of emotions.

How do women live with such things?

I confess, after living with eight brothers, a husband, two sons, and a male dog, I’ve learned a few things. Here are a few tips that may help you get through the next day.

  • Men are clueless about women too. Men are still trying to figure us out. I came to understand that men are less complex than women. Men are much easier to live with than women. Women get frustrated over various issues, but if we can come to understand men a little better, our responses may look different.


  • Men are often less tuned while women tend to be more in tune with things. I can’t tell you how many times Dave has looked for something exactly where I told him it was and still couldn’t find it. Eventually I had to get up, go to where I pointed him, and find the item sitting in the very place I told him. Men can be clueless around the house but so in tune with their jobs. When they come home, they seem to overlook that three light bulbs are out, the trash cans are overflowing, and the filters need changing.


When we moved my mom into a new house, my brothers asked, “Tina where do you want this bookshelf?” I said, “Let’s center it against this wall.” At that moment three brothers, simultaneously, grabbed their tape measures carried on their belts, and whipped them out like a gun fight at the OK Corral. “Whoa!” Was my response. You see, I would have eye-balled it where they had to measure it to the very fraction. It took a little more time than needed but they did an excellent job. The point is, as an iron worker, master plumber, and carpenter, they understood how to measure things. They jumped into work mode. But that’s not the case with other things in their lives.


  • Men sometimes don’t want to talk and aren’t thinking anything. A woman’s mind can go non-stop for hours – even in a resting position. Men have two switches – on and off. When we recognize what switch is on, it helps us when trying to interact with the man in our life. Dave is watching the news and my mind is running through a million things. When I interrupt his news, and ask a question, he says, “I can’t think right now. I’ll have to work on that later.” For me the frustration is, “Come on. I just need one thought.” He can’t do it because the switch is off. Women can keep up with a movie and talk through it at the same time. Men have a hard time doing that.


Hope this helps. Let’s work on our patience, frustrations, and interactions with the men in our life and perhaps we will see a change in our lives, as well as theirs.

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