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Thanks for stopping by my nook. It has been a privilege to write. Whether published or unpublished - God sweeps down to collect our thoughts on paper and in our hearts. He also covers us with a very real presence - speaking for us - working through us - writing with us. I'm so thankful we can sit beneath His wings and just exist. . . love. . . write. My new book Messed Up Men of the Bible was released January 2016. This book will open your eyes to not only the biblical men we share about, but men we see on a daily basis. This book offers insight into how men mess up and sometimes why. This book will give helpful tips for women trying to live with such men. 

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Recommended Books for Finding Hope and Healing


In today's world healing sits on a shelf. There are so many materials and books that deal with just about anything you're going through. If you are willing my friend, to dig in and do the work, God will help you find hope and healing. However, sometimes we need a little more help. There is no shame in reaching out to someone who can walk with you through those difficult times. A new season is waiting and a new dawn is rising. This is your time to find God, yourself, and everything God created in you that resonates beauty. Freedom awaits!