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August 27, 2018

She sat in the far corner of the booth, baby on the right of her. Her husband sat across from the baby and their toddler sat across from mother. The look. Yes, the look caught my attention. Her posture drooped along with her eyes. Clasped hands and an empty gaze stung...

August 14, 2018

 Many years ago, I passed two women gossiping in the middle aisle of our church. I passed right by them toward the kitchen when God said, “Go back.” As you can imagine, I didn’t want to go back—but I did.

I eased into them and said, “Ladies, people can hear you. If you...

August 2, 2018

Our lack of finding freedom is often connected to someone. Whether from being hurt, disappointed, lack of caring, expectations, or wounding - we are attached to the person who hurt us and we are forevermore changed.  

My friend, I've been there. When hurt happ...

July 12, 2018

Trying to shake off that bitterness? Here are three things that may help you find freedom.

February 19, 2018

A wounded woman hides in the darkness and dares not approach the light. He calls her name. “Deana.”

She turns, eyes wide, limbs trembling. “Who are you? Stop. What do want?” 

The squeeze of her ears deafen the sound. “No. I’m not hearing things.”

He calls again. “Deana. C...

July 31, 2017


How often have you stepped in it? Stuffed your foot right in that mouth. Yep! Just made a big mess of things by letting your tongue run loose? Believe me, I’ve done it myself; allowed my emotions to bubble ov...

June 14, 2017

Psalm 3—a very short Psalm of only eight verses, yet one that packs a big punch. I must give David props. Though a lousy father, adulterer, and murderer, he clung to his belief in God. On the run or at home, in trouble or not, David had a way of spilling his emotions b...

February 22, 2017

What keeps you from the Lord? What keeps you from worshiping the way you want, from calling out to God how you’d like, or from entering His presence when you feel like it? Things and people often inhibit us. What place of destitute must we be in before our voices call...

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