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Who I Am

"Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree." ~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Okay - here it is - the truth. I grew up in a large family. Having eight brothers and two sisters taught me how to share, take turns, and go without. My mother came out of a Christian home and married a man who didn't know the Lord. In fact, my father lived a life of crime. Most of my childhood was spent running with my dad as a fugitive and unsettled man. For some reason he chose to take the entire family with him. He drank too much and at times became extremely abusive and aggressive.


I lost hope more times than you can imagine. I desperately longed for a father who appeared normal and balanced. I spent many nights sleeping on the floor board of a car or in an old musty tent.


If it wasn't for my mother and her love for God, I probably would have ended up on the streets somewhere. Running away from home was a constant thought in my mind. Of course there is so much more to my story. I wish I could sit with you, warm cup of coffee in hand, and share my heart. 


Somewhere in the midst of our chaos, my mother spoke of God and His love. She seemed to keep us tied together and fought hard to keep us as healthy as she could. One day my father’s life changed when he surrendered his heart to Christ. He stopped drinking and started going to church. He gave back to people blessing beyond our imagination. Love pushed anger out and somehow my dad found freedom.


My prayer is that all hurting homes find peace. I understand that even in the most dysfunctional settings, God is never far away. He desires to heal our hurting hearts.


I used to feel that my life was a complete waste of time. Now as a pastor’s wife, I see how God can take those ugly stones and turn them into diamonds. I pull them out of my pocket every now and then and hand them to another despaired woman. Hope – healing nuggets - Diamonds in the rough – they say. God can use our ugliest moments to help another wounded soul. My heart felt waists became God’s biggest uses. 


I now have a passion to minister to wounded women, to reveal God’s amazing healing power, and to open the door to hope. There it is – can you see it? It’s busting through the doors as we speak. All you have to do is turn the knob.


My dear friend, freedom awaits.